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After spending the greater part of my week off working, I had planned to spend the day playing Age of Empires 3 today. However in a pretty sudden turn of events, I ended up heading to Amsterdam to meet up with a friend of mine to do some exploring (in the non-tourist style). We had 100% no experience or knowledge of the city (neither of us had been there before), nor did we have any particular goal other than to find a place where we could get some good food.

A big part of why I wanted to go to Amsterdam, besides the fact that I’d never been, was because I’d been meaning to get some more “urban/city-ish” photos for a bit. The last time I went out and took some pictures here in Rotterdam, I came away with some alright pictures and a really warm feeling inside. So, without further ado, here are some of the photos from today.

For anyone interested in visiting the city of Amsterdam, I’d say beware of all the drugs and sex which you will inevitably come across… more than once.16

If you ignore all that, however, its truly a gorgeous city. I was really in awe at some of the structures I saw today. I’m definitely planning on going back there sometime soon with some more friends. Only next time I’ll have to try being a bit more prepared and see if I can get some more awesome shots. I’ll be sure to share those with you guys as well.


The Outcast

A young woman—having come from an unbelievably sad and horrible background (which included two out-of-wedlock children by the time she was fifteen years old)—sat in prison, awaiting trial for having murdered a social worker who had come to take away her baby, the only person from whom she ever felt any love.
Without a mother, father, husband, any relative, or even a friend, she faced the forbidding future alone. Through the visits of a pastor, however, this hopeless young woman learned that—despite all the mistakes, despite the desperateness of the situation, and despite whatever loomed on the horizon—Christ loved and forgave her. No matter how society viewed this young girl, she knew, for herself, God’s eternal love. This social outcast discovered meaning and purpose in her Lord, whose love and acceptance transcended all societal norms and mores, even the “good” ones.

Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, February 8th, 2014

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